Iranian Christians are thankful that Ayoub Poor-Rezazade has been released on bail.

Ayoub was arrested with two other Christian converts on 5 September. There had been no news from him or about him since 8 September, causing consternation, especially since his friends were released on 21 September and had no news of Ayoub’s whereabouts.

On 3 October, after submitting bail of 400 million tomans (about $15,000), Ayoub was released from Lakan Prison in Rasht. His friends had also submitted the same bail.

Ayoub had spent 10 days in custody of the Revolutionary Guard before being transferred to solitary confinement in Lakan Prison. He had been separated from his friends to be interrogated about church finances.

Prayer Points

Family and friends of Ayoub thank the Lord that he is safe and has been released from detention but ask for prayer that:

  • Ayoub and his friends Morteza and Ahmad will be acquitted of charges related to the peaceful exercise of their Christian faith
  • The Iranian authorities will stop the persecution of Christians and other religious communities
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