Friends of Shabeddin (Shahab) Shahi request prayer for a second hearing at 6th Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Karaj to face charges of propaganda against the Islamic regime.

Shahab was notified on 11 March that he faced charges and had five days to appear at court. He presented himself to the court, and is waiting for a summons for a second and final hearing.

Shahab served a four-month prison sentence in 2019 for propaganda against the regime and was arrested again in December 2023 along with Milad Goodarzi and brothers Alireza and Amir Nourmohammadi.

Prayer Points
Prayer is requested that:

  • Shahab will be strengthened and encouraged while he waits with patience and that he will be acquitted of the charges,
  • The Iranian authorities will stop violating the right to express one’s religious beliefs, including by converts to Christianity
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