Israel: Church arson leads to call for mutual respect

Christians in Israel request prayer following a recent arson attempt at the Basilica of All Nations in Gethsemane, Jerusalem. On 4 December, a Jewish extremist entered the church, poured gasoline on the pews and ground, and set it alight. Church guards were quick to...
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Introducing MEC

Iran: Second Christian convert given 80 lashes

Iranian Christians request prayer for Saheb, given 80 lashes for drinking the wine as part of Holy Communion. Zaman Fadaei – known as Saheb – was arrested in Rasht in May 2016, along with his pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, Nadarkhani’s wife Fatemeh (Tina)... read more

Somaliland: Christian couple released and deported

On 1 November the Somaliland Regional Court ordered the deportation of a married couple, Somali converts from Islam to Christianity, to Somalia. They had been arrested in September, considered to be “apostates and evangelists spreading Christianity.” On 5 November... read more