Palestine: Travel permits refused for most Gazan Christians

Christians in Gaza request prayer that permits will be granted for them to travel to the West Bank to visit friends and relatives over the Christmas holidays. All inhabitants of Gaza, one of the most densely populated places on Earth, face severe travel restrictions...
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Introducing MEC

Algeria: Update on Christians facing proselytism charges

In recent weeks MEC has requested prayer for four Christians, including three from the same family, who were to appear in court on 6 November in Province of Bouira, in the Kabylie region. The hearing was postponed to 27 November. At that hearing, the court listened to... read more

Algeria: Court Order to Close Church

Algerian Christians ask for renewed prayer as they face an ongoing and systematic campaign of legal pressure by the authorities. On 14 November a court ordered the closure of the church in Aït Djemaa, 35 km south of Tizi Ouzou in the district of Ait Bouadou. The order... read more