Image by Magnus Halsnes
Barbed wire in Jabal Amman

Image by Charles Roffey
Ottoman style apartments

Image by Magnus Halsnes
Amman – Sandstorm and smog

Image by Magnus Halsnes
Amman – Unknown transport

Image by Magnus Halsnes
Amman – Fire and Smoke

Image by Magnus Halsnes
Qasr Kharana – Sunlight on Wall

King Fahd Causeway – Saudi Bahrain Border

Libya celebrates February 17th anniversary

Volunteer Abroad UBELONG
Volunteer in Rabat, Morocco

Andrew Moore
Sundown on the Matrah Corniche V

Joi Ito
View from my room in Doha

Makkah – Kaaba full resolution – Saudi Arabia

United Nations Photo
Former Al-Shabaab Stronghold in Mogadishu now an Animal Market

Michael Foley
Socializing after Friday prayer, La Médina, Tunis

Jerusalem, Israel – Temple Mount

2017 MEC Annual Report Photo Credits:

Page 4
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Page 5
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Page 6
Andrew Brunson, Izmir, Turkey: First Presbyterian Church Lake Wales
Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, Omdurman (x2)

Page 7
St Mary’s Convent, Bethlehem
Our Lady of Lebanon, Harissa, Lebanon: MEC

Page 8
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Page 9
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Page 10
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Pastors, Sudan

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Page 12
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Page 13
Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, released from captivity in Yemen: Oman News Agency
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Page 14
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Amin Khaki, Iran

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