Somaliland: Prayer for detainees

On 21 and 22 January 2021, police in Hargeisa, Somaliland arrested Mohamed and Hamdi and their new-born baby, as well as an Ethiopian woman, Aster and Hamdi A, a Somali woman. On 14 and 15 February additional arrests took place in Hargeisa.  On 4 April 2021, the...
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Introducing MEC

North Cyprus: Update on Ryan Keating’s situation

Continued prayer is requested for Ryan Keating, who has been charged with illegally importing Christian materials into North Cyprus. He faces travel restrictions while the case is in progress and the possibility of a large fine if convicted. On 31 March Ryan presented... read more

Iran: Update – Christian converts summoned to prison

Iranian Christians request prayer for Christian converts Homayoun Zhaveh (62) and his wife Sara Ahmadi (42) who have been summoned to serve prison sentences due to their house church activities. Homayoun suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease. In June 2019,... read more

Egypt: Convert beaten

On 17 March “Brother P,” was lured from his house by his neighbours and beaten due to his conversion to Christianity. His house and belongings were also damaged. Brother P has a physical disability that prevented him from escaping. Other Christians who... read more