Friends and family of Alireza and Amir Nourmohammadi are grateful that they were released conditionally following their arrest in December, but request prayer as they face prosecution for their Christian activities.

The brothers were arrested, along with Milad Goodarzi, another convert, by intelligence agents on 11 December 2023. Milad was released after questioning, but Alireza and Amir remained detained for more than four weeks.

The brothers were released on 10 January after submitting bail of 300 million tomans (about US $3,000) each. They face charges of engaging in “deviant educational or propaganda activities contrary to the holy Islamic law by making false claims in religious fields.”

Prayer Points

Prayer is requested that:

  • The charges against Alireza and Amir will be dropped,
  • They and their families will be encouraged and strengthened,
  • The Iranian authorities will stop their persecution of citizens on account of their faith and related peaceful activities.
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