On 23 March Ryan Keating is scheduled to appear in Iskele District Court on charges of illegally importing literature – the result of a joint police and customs raid on his home in January 2021 in which personal Bibles and Christian books were seized. Customs officials allege the books were smuggled from the Republic of Cyprus but Ryan insists he brought them from Türkiye and that they had passed through customs at that time.

Ryan also faces charges related to the importation of Christian materials – Bibles and New Testaments in various languages – confiscated from Exile Café in Famagusta. The next hearing related to these charges is scheduled for 17 April.

A third set of charges were brought against Ryan for providing training in barista skills and wine appreciation without formal approval from the “education ministry” of North Cyprus. The next hearing is scheduled for 10 April.

Ryan was also summoned for questioning by the “labour ministry” in February and told that there had been complaints about Christian activities in Exile Café. The café is the officially registered meeting place of the Protestant church association in Famagusta and Christians and non-Christians meet there freely during the week.

Prayer Points

Ryan requests prayer that:

  • The harassment from the authorities in Iskele and Famagusta will cease.
  • The case in Iskele will reach a conclusion and that the various other charges will be withdrawn.
  • The judicial process will clearly affirm the freedom Christians are entitled to in North Cyprus.
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