On 22 June, 2022, a building belonging to a Baptist Church in Zallingei, Darfur, was raided. Four Christians were detained and some of the church’s property confiscated (including Bibles and technical equipment).

The four young believers were beaten and mistreated during questioning, but released the same day.

On 28 June, all four men were called to the police station to collect their belongings. Upon arrival they were detained and questioned further about their faith. They were then charged under the Penal Code Article 126 criminalising  apostasy – even though that article was abolished in 2019. The four were then moved from the police station to the Zallengei prison. On 3 July they were released under a relative’s guarantee.

 Following their release, the church and some of their relatives’ homes were attacked and looted.

Due to fears of community and police harrassment, they have chosen to remain in hiding until a court date is set.

Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • For the prosecutor to drop the case
  • For healing, both physically and emotionally, to the detained men and those affected
  • For Christians in Darfur to be strengthened and encouraged despite harassment
  • For harassment of Christians and believers to stop.
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