Church leaders working among Muslims request prayer for three men in Darfur being pressured by their families due to their conversion to Christianity.

A. is a 20 year old man whose family has discovered that he is a Christian. He reads the Bible and belongs to a home group. A. escaped a beating by his brother, but has been cut off from the family and is consequently unable to continue his education.

M. is a 27 year old married veterinarian whose faith was exposed after participating in a group discussion among Muslims about the Bible and Jesus Christ. His family has threatened him with death if he doesn’t revert to Islam. He was cut off from the family business and faces hostility from his tribe and potential employers.

AS’ faith was discovered by his wife’s family. Her father, a police officer, forced the couple to divorce at the community court. The father also took away AS’ children, house, and all his belongings.

Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • That these believers would grow in their faith
  • That God will provide a safe place for them to live and connect with other believers
  • That they will be able to reconcile with their families and share their faith with them
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