At a court hearing on 12 May,  a pastor explained that, according to Christian marriage laws, Hamouda and Nada, both converts to Christianity, remain married despite being forced to divorce in an Islamic court. The pastor was the sole witness heard.

Hamouda and Nada have been charged with adultery and could face 100 lashes and a possible year in exile.The next hearing is scheduled for 7 June.

They were married in 2016 and have two children. When Hamouda converted to Christianity in 2018, Nada’s familiy forced them to dissolve the marriage in an Islamic (Shari’a) court, despite their wishes to remain married.

In 2021, Nada converted to Christianity as well and returned with the children to live with Hamouda. This angered Nada’s brother, who reported them to the authorities.

Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • for God’s peace and strength with them as they go through the court procedures
  • for the couple to be able to live together in safety as a family
  • for the court to rule in favour of their marriage
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