A court hearing is scheduled for 12 May for Nada and Hamouda, both Muslim when they married in 2016. They have two children.

Hamouda converted to Christianity in 2018. Nada’s family forced her to dissolve the marriage as apostasy was then a capital crime in Sudan.

Nada converted to Christianity in 2021. She and the children returned to her husband. This angered Nada’s brother and he reported them to the authorities. 

They are now being prosecuted for adultery and could face 100 lashes and a possible year in exile.

Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • for peace and strength for Nada and Hamouda
  • for their marriage to be a light and enocuragement to their families and church
  • for a fair trial, for them to be acquitted and for them to be allowed to live together
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