Iranian Christians are thankful that Sasan Khosravi and Habib Heydari have been released early from Bushehr Central Prison.

Habib and Sasan were arrested with others (mainly family members) in Bushehr in south Iran on 1 July 2019.

In June 2020, seven of those arrested were convicted of “propaganda against the state through promoting Christianity” under Article 500 of the penal code. They received a variety of sentences – Sasan and Habib were each sentenced to one year in prison and Sasan was also sentenced to two years’ internal exile. They appealed, but on 27 January 2021 the appeal court upheld the sentences.

Habib and Sasan started serving their prison sentences at Bushehr Central Prison on 8 February 2021. In March they were allowed home on a temporary furlough, which was extended until they were ordered to return to prison on 11 November 2021.

On 20 January Sasan and Habib were released, but Sasan now faces a two-year period of exile away from Bushehr. The city of exile will be determined by the court.

Prayer Points

Iranian Christians are delighted that Sasan and Habib were released and request prayer that:

  • Sasan and Habib will enjoy their present freedom with their families
  • Sasan’s place of exile will be a place of blessing for him and that he will be able to find accommodation and employment
  • The Iranian authorities will stop the persecution of Christians and other religious communities
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