The Gur Hasidim, strictly observant religious Jews, have been targeting Messianic believers in Arad, South Israel.

Recently, graffiti was written on the pavement directly outside the home of Messianic believers, saying that “the mission” – their term for Messianic believers – “is a tragedy for the Jewish people.” Gur youth have been encouraged to spit and insult the name of “Yeshua” (Jesus) when they encounter Messianic believers in public.

Previously, there have been other incidents involving the Gur. In August 2017 a large group gathered outside the Messianic meeting place, cursing and hurling insults and later distributing flyers showing photos of members of the congregation. 

The Gur have tried to identify members of the Messianic community by scouting their houses and noting down the car licence plates of people who attended prayer meetings. They have also gathered outside the meeting place of the Messianic congregation to create a disturbance on the Shabbat and taken photos while people were working inside.

Prayer Points

The Messianic community in Arad requests prayer that:

  • They will have wisdom and patience to respond to the ongoing harassment appropriately and with love
  • God will have mercy on the Gur and open their spiritual eyes to see who the Yeshua they curse and insult really is and believe on Him for the forgiveness of their sins
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