Recently we asked for prayer for A., a Saudi convert to Christianity who has several court cases against him and is under pressure from his in-laws.

On 5 May his wife was contacted by her family and told her mother was ill after receiving a Covid-19 vaccination.  However, when she arrived at the family house she was locked in and is no longer allowed to leave.

Her family tells her they believe her husband (A.) will be sent to prison soon and it would be better for her to stay with them. The family is also pressuring her to divorce A.

A., whose next court hearing is on 30 May, is trying to get his wife released by her family.

Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • that A., his wife and son will experience the Lord’s peace and sustaining presence in these difficult times
  • that A.’s wife will soon be re-united with her husband and son
  • that A. will not be sent to prison during the 30 May court hearing
  • for the wider family and in-laws to themselves come to faith in Jesus
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