On 11 May 2021 what is believed to be the final hearing in the trial of Mohamed and Hamdi, charged with “apostasy” and “spreading Christianity” is scheduled to take place.

An expected final hearing for them and several co-defendants accused of crimes against Islam took place on 8 May, with the proceedings now carrying over to Tuesday.

On May  8 the prosecutor said he believed Mohamed and Hamdi have committed apostasy. The judge responded that under Sharia law, apostasy is punishable by death. This, and similar discussions between prosecutor and judge, leads those closely involved in the case to fear the couple is likely to be convicted.

The charges follow raids on 21 and 22 January 2021 and mid-February, when police arrested Mohamed and Hamdi and the other defendants. Hamdi was allowed to keep their baby with her in prison

Prayer Points

Mohamed, Hamdi and other Somali Christians request continued prayer:

  •  That those still detained will experience God’s closeness and strength, especially during the trial
  • That ongoing advocacy efforts will bear fruit and that international observers will be able to attend Tuesday’s hearing
  •  For God’s intervention; that the court will decide in favour of the defendants
  • For strength, wisdom and boldness for the lawyers who represent them
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