Further to yesterday’s prayer request, at a court hearing today, 22 April, A., an Arab convert who has lived all his life in Saudi Arabia, was acquitted on theft charges. After he had helped his sister escape abuse because of her conversion to Christianity, he had been falsely accused by family members of stealing money.

At the hearing a dispute arose between the judge and the two lawyers representing the accuser, then between the two lawyers themselves. Afterward, the judge, in an angry tirade, concluded there was no evidence at all against A. and acquitted him.

This answer to prayer was a great encouragement, not only to A., his wife and children, but also to the wider convert community in their city.

A. still faces two other court cases. He is accused of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and of helping his sister leave the country against the wishes of her husband and the wider family.

In the past few years A. has faced several prison sentences and flogging due to his faith and his assistance to his sister.

Please pray:

  • thanking God for His intervention and A.’s acquittal
  • for justice to be done and further acquittals in the other two court cases
  • for the wider family to themselves come to faith in Jesus
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