Friends of Christian convert MajidReza Souzanchi, thankful for his recent release from prison, request prayer.

MajidReza Souzanchi Kushani was arrested at a house church in November 2017 and imprisoned in Evin Prison. He was charged with promoting house churches, in violation of Article 498 of the Penal Code. In May 2018 he was sentenced to five years in prison for “membership in evangelistic groups and Christianity activity.” He was also accused of theft – which he denies – and sentenced to two additional years.

In December 2018, on apppeal,  Majidreza Souzanchi’s five-year sentence was reduced to two years.

After serving the sentence related to Christianity, Majidreza was transferred to Tehran Greater Prison to serve the sentence for theft. He caught COVID-19 there.

On 8 April Majidreza was released, four months early.

MajidReza is a welder by trade and will try to find work. He is divorced and his children are in Mashhad. It is MajidReza’s immediate desire to visit his children after so many years of forced separation.

Please pray that:

  • MajidReza will experience God’s peace and comfort and be able to adjust quickly to life outside prison.
  • He will be able to find work and rent a flat.
  • He will soon be able to visit his children and restore his relationship as father.
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