Christians request prayer for A., an Arab convert who has lived all his life in Saudi Arabia. He is facing two court cases brought against him because of his faith, as well as violent threats against his wife and son.

Last year, in a meeting in a restaurant, he was open about his conversion. He was reported to the authorities and a court case was started against him for trying to convert Muslims. He will have a hearing this Thursday, 11 March.

On 26 March he will have a hearing in another case. Several year ago, A.’s sister faced abuse by the family after they discovered she had become a Christian. A. helped her, and her children, flee the country. Afterwards the family accused A. of financial wrongdoing, starting the case against him.

A.’s brother-in-law, the husband of the sister who fled, regularly threatens violence against A.’s wife and son. A. is worried that, if he is imprisoned, they will be vulnerable to attacks by A.’s brother-in-law, and the wider family.

In the past few years A. has faced several prison sentences and flogging due to his faith and his assistance to his sister.

Please pray:

  •  that A., his wife and son will experience the Lord’s peace and sustaining presence in these difficult times
  •  that A. will not be sent to prison,
  •  for protection for A., his wife and son
  •  for the wider family to themselves come to faith in Jesus
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