Algerian Christians request prayer for a believer from a Muslim background convicted of blasphemy. On 21 January a court in Erzwe – Oran, sentenced him to five-years imprisonment.

The Christian (43) is married with four children (ages 6, 4, 3 years and four-months-old).  He has known Jesus since 2001.

In 2018 he shared a caricature of the Prophet of Islam in one of his social media accounts. On 20 January 2021 he was summoned by police for investigation, accused of insulting the Prophet of Islam.

Tried the next day, he was given the maximum punishment – five years in prison. He will appeal the verdict.

Several similar charges and punishments have been reported against others in the country, including two Christians from a Muslim background from the Kabylie area who were recently convicted of blasphemy. They received sentences of six months and three years respectively, and were fined between US $375 and $1,900.

Algerian Christians urge us to pray that:

  • these Christians and their families will know God’s peace and comfort in this challenging time
  • Algerian Church leaders will have wisdom to deal with continued pressure on Christians and the church
  • appeals will be successful and these Christians will be able to return to their families
  • there will be respect for rights in the country, including freedom and tolerance for all religious communities, including Christians
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