Friends of Christian convert Mohammad Reza (Youhan) Omidi request prayer as he serves a term of internal exile in Borazjan, in the south of Iran.

Youhan was arrested in May 2016 (in Rasht, along with pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, Yousef’s wife Tina and two others) and sentenced to ten years in prison for “acting against the national security through propagating house churches and promoting Zionist Christianity.” He was also sentenced to two years of exile.

In May 2020, following a review, Youhan’s prison sentence was reduced to 24 months. He was released in August. Due to extra time served in prison, the exile term was also reduced to 21 months.

On 13 September Youhan traveled to Borazjan to begin serving the term of exile. He commented about this hardship to a close friend: “I trust God in this, as I did for my imprisonment. Many people, even those around me, consider it a time wasted in your life. But seeing ourselves as a piece of the puzzle in the greater image God is creating, I gladly embrace this opportunity to go through this exile. My experience may help other Christians who will face similar exile sentences in the future.”

Youhan is looking for a place to rent. Once he has found an apartment, his wife, Maryam, and daughters Sara and Sandra will join him.

Iranian Christians ask prayer for Youhan and his family:

  • That Youhan will be able to find suitable accommodations
  • That the family will quickly adjust to this new situation
  • That God will turn this term and place of exile into an opportunity for rich blessing for Youhan and his family

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