Iranian Christians request prayer for four Christian converts in Rasht who have been given  heavy prison sentences for ‘actions against national security,’ ‘attending home churches’ and ‘spreading Zionist Christianity.’

On 1 August Ramin Hassanpour was sentenced to five-years imprisonment and Hadi (Moslem) Rahimi was given four years on the same charges. Ramin’s wife Saeede (Kathrin) Sajadpour and Sakine (Mehri) Behjati each received two-year sentences.

All four had been arrested in February for being part of a house church in Rasht.

On 14 May they attended a hearing to face the charges at Branch 10 of the Revolutionary Court in Rasht. The court set bail at 500 million tomans each (approximately US$30,000), which they were unable to meet.

On 18 May bail was reduced to 200 million tomans (approximately US$12,000). Kathrin, Moslem and Mehri were released on 20 May and Ramin was released the next day.

They will appeal the sentences.

Prayer Points

Iranian Christians request prayer that:

  •   God will encourage and strengthen them and their families through this difficult time
  •   The appeal will be successful
  •   Iranian authorities will uphold the rights of Iranian Christian converts and other religious minorities
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