Iranian Christians are thankful that four Christian converts have been released after bail demands were reduced.

In February, Ramin Hassanpour, his wife Kathrin Sajadpour, Moslem Rahimi and another convert who does not wish to be named, were arrested for being part of a house church.

On 14 May they attended a hearing at Branch 10 of the Revolutionary Court in Rasht, facing charges related to house church membership – considered a political crime by the Iranian regime.

The court initially set bail at 500 million tomans each (approximately US$30,000). Unable to meet the demand, they were transferred to Lakan Prison, near Rasht.

Earlier this week, the court reduced the bail to 200 million tomans each (approximately US$13,000). Kathrin Sajadpour, Moslem Rahimi and the unnamed Christian were released on 20 May and Ramin Hassanpour was released on 21 May.

Prayer Points:

Iranian Christians thank God for their release after the amount of bail was reduced, but also request prayer that:

  • The four converts will ultimately be acquitted
  • The Iranian regime will stop regarding conversion and membership of a house church as a criminal offence
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