Iranian Christians request prayer for convert Mahrokh (Roksare) Kanbari who has been summoned to serve her one-year prison sentence.

Mahrokh was convicted of “propaganda against the system” after a hearing at Karaj Revolutionary Court on 27 July. She was initially arrested shortly before Christmas 2018, when three agents from Iranian intelligence raided her home. She endured ten days of intense interrogation before her conditional release on submission of bail of 30 million Toman (US$2,500).

US Vice President Mike Pence appealed for her acquittal in a Tweet on 2 August, writing:

“I am appalled to hear reports that Iran’s despotic rulers have punished yet another Christian woman for exercising her freedom to worship. Iran must free Mahrokh Kanbari today. Whether Sunni, Sufi, Baha’i, Jewish or Christian, America will stand up for people of faith in Iran like Marokh.”

Prayer Points

Friends of Mahrokh report that she has been summoned to Kachui prison in Karaj on 13 October to commence her prison sentence and request prayer that:

  1.   Mahrokh and her family will be encouraged and strong in the Lord
  2.   Christians will be inspired by the example of Mahrokh and others to stand firm in the faith for the sake of Jesus Christ
  3.   The Lord will use politicians and human rights defenders around the world to speak up for religious freedom
  4.   The Iranian authorities will stop harassing, arresting and imprisoning religious minorities in Iran
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