Iranian Christians request prayer for eight Christian converts recently arrested in the city of Bushehr, south-west Iran, seven of whom are still detained.

Human rights organization Article 18 reports that on 1 July intelligence agents raided the homes of Christian converts and arrested eight people, including five members of one family: Sam Khosravi (36), and his wife Maryam Falahi (35), Sam’s brother Sasan (35), and his wife Marjan Falahi (33), Sam and Sasan’s mother, Khatoon Fatolahzadeh (61), as well as Pooriya Peyma (27), and his wife Fatemeh Talebi (27), and Habib Heydari (38).

Security agents also confiscated Christian literature, pictures, crosses, laptops, mobile phones, IDs and bank cards. A source reported that the arrests were conducted with unnecessary severity and in the presence of small children.

Security agents, in a further show of force, arrived in six cars to arrest the matriarch, Khatoon Fatolahzadeh. She was later released the same day on account of her age.

According to Article18, the seven other Christians remain detained, with no access to lawyers, and are being held in solitary confinement in the MOIS (Iranian Intelligence) office in Bushehr.

Prayer Points

Iranian Christians request prayer that:

  1.    God will uphold those detained and help them to respond wisely during interrogation
  2.    Although in solitary confinement, may they be encouraged by God’s abiding presence
  3.    May God give His peace to all those who were arrested and also the children who were present at the time
  4.    The authorities will stop their persecution of Christians and other religious minorities and have an opportunity to repent and come to faith in Jesus Christ

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