Iranian Christians request prayer for six members of the “Church of Iran” – a denomination with an unconventional understanding of the Trinity – after three more converts were recently detained.

Iranian security forces arrested Kamal Naamanian, Mohammed Vafada and Shahrooz Eslamdous on 15 February.They have been taken to the security offices of the Revolutionary Guards, where their pastor, Matthias Haghnejad, is also being held.

Matthias was detained on 10 February. Two other church members, Kalil Dehkanpour and Hossein Kadivar, were detained at the end of January. Kalil and Hossein have been transported to Lakan Prison pending a court hearing.

Prayer Points

Friends of the six detainees request prayer that:

a. They will stand firm during interrogation and detention, know the Lord’s strengthening and encouragement, and will be able to return home soon
b. Their families will be comforted in the present distressing situation
c. Iranian authorities will stop targeting Christians and other religious minorities

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