Iranian Christians request prayer for Simin Soheili and Yaser, Christian converts being held in Evin Prison, Tehran since 30 January 2019.

On that date Simin and Yaser were summoned separately to the prison for questioning and arrested. Simin has been informed she will be charged with disturbing public order, propagating Christianity and connecting with foreign entities. She is facing a ten-year prison sentence.

Yaser, who is not related to Simin, has a teenage son with severe physical disabilities.

Prayer Points

Iranian Christians request prayer that:

  1.       Simin and Yaser and their families will know the Lord’s peace and encouragement at this distressing time
  2.       God will strengthen Simin and Yaser and that they will stand firm in Christ and have wisdom in responding to this persecution
  3.  The Iranian authorities responsible for their arrest and detention will be confronted with the truth of the Gospel and repent of their actions
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