Iranian Christians request prayer for pastor Matias Haknejad, Kalil Dehkanpour and Hossein Kadivar of the “Church of Iran” – a denomination with an unorthodox understanding of the Trinity – who have been arrested and remain in detention.

On Sunday night, 10 February, members of Iranian security raided the house church gathering in Rasht where pastor Matias was ministering and arrested him. He is married with one daughter.

This arrest follows the arrest of two Christian converts, Kalil Dehkanpour and Hossein Kadivar, from the same church in Rasht on 30 January. Both men are also married. They were transferred to Lakan Prison on 10 February. It is not known what charges they will face, but it is believed they will be taken to court soon.

Prayer Points

Friends of the three detainees request prayer that:

  1. They will stand firm during interrogation and detention, know the Lord’s strengthening and encouragement, and will be able to return home soon
  2. Their families will be comforted
  3. Iranian authorities will stop targeting Christians and other religious minorities
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