Iranian Christians request prayer for two converts who were recently arrested and detained.

Human Rights group Article 18 reports that on 23 January, Sina Moloudian (26), was arrested in Esfahan and then on 25 January Ismaeil Maghrebinejad (64) was arrested in Shiraz.

Iranian intelligence agents arrived at the house of Sina Moloudian without producing an arrest warrant, broke down the door and arrested Sina in front of his parents. The agents confiscated his computer, phone, Bible and other Christian materials, as well as a cross. Witnesses saw him being dragged out of his house with bruising around his eyes. Later, he was able to call his family to say that he was going to be taken to court to face charges and that he was being held in Dastgerd Prison, although the Iranian authorities later denied this.

Ismaeil Maghrebinejad (64), who converted in the 1980’s and has experienced considerable difficulties on account of his faith, reportedly including an attempt on his life, was arrested in Shiraz on 25 January. Security agents then took him to his house and conducted a search without producing a search warrant and confiscated his laptop, phone and Christian books. Ismaeil has now been released on bail.

Prayer Points

Iranian Christians request prayer that:

  1.       Sina will be released soon and that he will quickly recover from the physical abuse
  2.       God will comfort and strengthen both men and their families through these ordeals
  3.       Iranian authorities will stop the intimidation of Christian converts and other religious minorities in Iran


Open source: Article 18

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