Middle East Concern, in collaboration with Open Doors International, Article 18 and CSW has released the 2018 report on violations of the rights of Christians in Iran.

During 2018, the Iranian Christian community, along with other religious minorities, continued to suffer multiple violations of their right to freedom of religion and belief. Ongoing surveillance of Christians by the authorities was often accompanied by harassment. The end of 2018 saw an unprecedented wave of raids on private house gatherings, leading to large numbers of arrests. Many Christians received prison sentences, or had sentences upheld by the court of appeal. Most of the reported violations involved converts from Islam, but there were also several instances where members of the Armenian and Assyrian Christian minorities were imprisoned or sentenced to jail terms due to their religious activities. Recognized church buildings remained closed to ethnic Persian Christians and, in several cases, church property remained under threat of confiscation.

To read the full report, click the image below.

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