Andrew Brunson has been released from prison due to health concerns and is now under house arrest.

On 25 July the 2nd Criminal Court of Izmir ruled that Andrew could be released from prison and be kept under house arrest, as requested by Andrew and his lawyer.

At a hearing on 18 July, the judge rejected requests for Andrew’s release, prompting international condemnation. President Trump decried the rejection as a disgrace and the value of the Turkish lira tumbled amid fears that the U.S. Congress would push through sanctions against Turkey, leading to a restriction of investment. Following the Izmir court’s decision today, the lira strengthened immediately.

Andrew faces charges related to terrorism and espionage that could result in a 35-year prison sentence. The indictment is based on “evidence” supplied by secret witnesses, accusing Andrew of links to the FETO organisation (blamed for the 2016 coup attempt) and to the PKK – a Kurdish insurgent organisation. Andrew has called the charges “shameful and disgusting.” Turkish authorities have not been able to produce evidence that substantiates the charges.

According to the court decision, Andrew will not be able to leave his house or exit the country pending the next hearing on 12 October.

Prayer Points

Christians in Turkey are thankful for this decision, but request prayer that:

  1.      Andrew will soon be acquitted on all charges
  2.      Andrew will be able to relax and recover, physically and emotionally, from his time of imprisonment
  3.     Those responsible for Andrew’s arrest and detention will repent and act truthfully


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