Iranian Christians request prayer for Aziz Majidzadeh (54) held in Evin Prison, Tehran.

According to Kiaa Aalipour of Article 18, speaking to World Watch Monitor, on 2 March security forces arrested a Christian convert in his home and forced him to go to a workshop near Karaj where many Christians are employed. The security forces started filming everything, pretending that it was for a Farsi language Christian satellite channel. They then arrested a group of twenty Iranian converts.

Those arrested were interrogated and released, except for Aziz Majidzadeh, who was beaten and detained. His whereabouts were unknown until recently, when he was permitted to call his family and let them know that he is being detained in Evin Prison. To date there have been no formal charges made against him.

Prayer points:

Prayer is requested that:

  1. a)       The Lord will uphold Aziz and that he will be released soon
  2. b)      God will comfort Aziz’s family
  3. c)       The other converts who were arrested and released after interrogation will be careful, but not fearful
  4. d)      The Iranian authorities will refrain from targeting Christians and other religious minorities in violation of their human rights


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