The Bible Society in Israel requests prayer for the next hearing in the court case regarding their bookshop in Tel Aviv. The hearing, which will hopefully be the last, is scheduled for 5 March.

The Bible Bookshop and distribution centre in Tel Aviv has been in the same rented property since 1961 and has protected tenant status. It is the only place selling Bibles in the Tel-Aviv area with about two million people.

Although there were no similar problems in the past, in 2016 the property owner accused the Bible Society of missionary activity and various violations of the rental agreement in an attempt to overturn their protected status as tenants and evict them from the premises. The Bible Society categorically denies these claims and has sought to clearly show that they have abided by the terms of the rental agreement.

At a previous hearing on 31 January, a representative from the Bible Society gave evidence and was encouraged by how the hearing proceeded. On the 5 March both parties will present summaries before the judge and be available to respond to any questions the judge may ask. A decision is expected to be given several weeks later.

Prayer Points

Bible Society leaders give thanks for God’s help throughout the court case and request prayer that:

a) the Lord will give wisdom to the lawyers working on behalf of the Bible Society in Israel and that

b) the case will proceed fairly and that the judge will arrive at a just decision that will allow the fruitful ministry in Tel Aviv to continue

c) the necessary finances for the legal support will be forthcoming

d) God will be glorified through the court case

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