Israeli Messianic believers request prayer following the targeting by ultra-Orthodox Jews of a meeting centre for Messianic Jewish believers in Dimona, south Israel.

Yesterday (23rd January) ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered outside the Messianic meeting centre, protesting its presence and even threatening some of the people in the centre. Similar protests have taken place the last two weeks after the reopening of the centre at the beginning of January.

The centre had been temporarily closed following a major disturbance on 4th May 2017 when ultra-Orthodox Jews held a protest outside the meeting place and then took their protests to the homes of congregational leaders. The protesters became violent, breaking windows and causing other damage, besides traumatizing two children inside the home.

Prayer Request

Israeli Messianic believers in Dimona ask that we pray for:

a. those who are in authority, that they will act justly and that peace will be restored
b. the ultra-Orthodox religious leaders, that “those who now scoff at and besmirch the Name of the Lord Jesus will open their hearts and confess Him”.

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