The Bible Society in Israel requests prayer for a court hearing tomorrow 24th January at 9:30 a.m..

The court case concerns the Bible Society bookshop in Tel Aviv, which has been in the same premises for 55 years and should have protected status. The owner, however, is claiming that the Bible Society has changed the designated purpose under the rental agreement and that the main use of the shop today is as a centre to manage or advance missionary activity instead of the commercial sale of books. The owner claims that therefore they have violated the conditions of the rental agreement and forfeited their protected status as tenants.

A second claim is that the Bible Society changed the identity of the renting party by adding another partner in violation of the rental agreement.

The Bible Society in Israel categorically renounces and rejects both claims.

Two representatives of the Bible Society are prepared to give evidence in court tomorrow, but they are understandably nervous and ask for prayer.

It is believed that the owner of the premises is being influenced by others who are opposed to the presence of the Bible Society in Tel Aviv and the sale of Christian books.

Prayer Request

Please continue to pray that:

a. The court hearing will proceed well and that the case for the Bible Society will be effectively and convincingly presented

b. God will be glorified, that justice will be done and that the bookshop will be able to continue to function and make Christian literature available in this very secular area of Tel Aviv and the surrounding cities.

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