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Middle East Concern (MEC) is based in the Middle East. It is an Association of established Christian agencies and individuals advocating the human rights of the Christian communities in the Middle East and North Africa, within the general human rights context in the region.

MEC recognizes the link between Christian faith and human rights, sees religious liberty as the cornerstone of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and believes that protection of fundamental liberties is an integral part of social and economic development.

Founded in direct response to a felt need by local Christians, MEC began its work in the Middle East North Africa region in 1991. Individual and corporate membership now includes Christians living in all of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa and Christians from other countries involved in supporting the church where it is under pressure.


Our vision is that Christian communities and individual Christians throughout the region will be able to practice their faith freely

Latest Requests

  • Algeria: church ordered to close

    Posted on 4th May

    Algerian Christians request prayer for a church in the south of Tizi Ouzou province which has been ordered to close.

    On 24th April the church leaders received a letter from the district authorities requiring the church to cease all religious activities on the grounds that they are in breach of a 2006 decree which regulates non-Muslim worship. This is the second time a church in this province has been ordered to close in the last two months.

    The letter cited a breach of section 5 of the decree, which states that use of a non-Muslim place of worship is subject to prior authorisation by the National Commission for Non-Muslim Religious Groups (overseen by the Ministry of Religious Affairs). The letter also claimed that the lease for the church building, rented on behalf of the Protestant Church of Algeria (L'Église Protestante d'Algérie / EPA), is not valid because the building is registered as residential premises. The letter ordered the church leaders to ensure that the building is used for residential purposes only.

    Because the National Commission does not actually meet and so never gives permission for buildings to be used as churches, most churches affiliated to the EPA rent buildings and inform local authorities that the buildings will be used as places of worship. One month before they received this closure order, the leaders of this particular church had informed local authorities that they intended to use the building they had rented as a place of worship. EPA leaders say that the closure order limits freedom of worship which is guaranteed in the Algerian constitution. The issue of permission for places of worship is one of several points in the 2006 decree which clearly restrict the religious freedom of non-Muslims and contradict not only the provisions of the country's new constitution but also Algeria's commitments to religious freedom under international law.

    Christians in Algeria ask for prayer:
    a. that the church's leaders will know the peace of Jesus, the wisdom of the Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as they try to deal with this difficult situation
    b. that the closure order will be withdrawn, and that the church will be able to worship in the building without further hindrance
    c. that the law will be changed so that it ensures religious freedoms such as freedom to worship and freedom to evangelise
    d. that those responsible for the closure order will know the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the forgiveness and new life offered by Jesus


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  • Syria: third anniversary of abduction of Bishops

    Posted on 22nd April
    Syrian Christians request prayer for their country on the third anniversary of the abduction of two Bishops of Aleppo.
    On 22nd April 2013 Bishop Yohanna Ibrahim of the Syrian Orthodox Church and Bishop Boulos Yaziji of the Greek Orthodox Church were stopped by armed militants while travelling north of Aleppo. The militants abducted the bishops and murdered their driver. A fourth Christian travelling with them escaped. They had been travelling to an area near the border with Turkey as part of negotiations for the release of two priests abducted on 9th February 2013. The fate and whereabouts of the bishops and priests remain unknown.
    Marking the anniversary, the Syrian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch issued a joint statement [1] in which they appealed for the release of the bishops and called on the international community to take substantive action on their behalf.
    The Patriarchs describe the plight of the bishops as “a miniature of the great human suffering” inflicted on Syria. They categorically reject the notions that Christians should be considered as a “minority” and that Christians can be protected by facilitating emigration. They emphasise that Syrian Christians share the pain and uncertainty of their compatriots and, together with all Syrians of good will, are committed to working towards peace “based on co-existence, citizenship and moderate religious discourse”.
    The Patriarchs’ appeal comes as the latest round of peace talks in Geneva is faltering amid seemingly intractable political disagreement and escalating levels of violence in Syria. With Orthodox churches preparing to celebrate Easter (1st May), the Patriarchs note that Christians are “children of the Resurrection, and of Light”, and that their hope is ultimately in their risen Lord.
    Syrian Christians request prayer that:
    a. violence will cease, peace will be restored and the clear rule of law will be applied equally for all in every part of Syria
    b. all who remain abducted will know the Lord's strength and sustaining, and that they will be released soon
    c. those who are bereaved will know the comfort of Jesus, and the wounded and traumatised will know His healing and presence
    d. the needs of the millions of Syrians who have been displaced, either internally or abroad, will be adequately met
    e. those engaged in peace talks will prioritise the needs of the Syrian people and not their own agendas
    f.  all who are intent on violent means would know the Spirit's conviction of sin and respond to the Father's offer of new life through the work of the Son

    [1] the full statement is available at: www.antiochian.org/joint-statement-three-years-abduction-metropolitans-paul-and-youhanna
    May be circulated to general mailing lists and outside organisations, and quoted from freely in reports citing "Middle East Concern" as the source of the information.

  • Turkey: US Christian released from detention

    Posted on 19th April 2016

    Christians in Turkey are very happy and thankful to God that evangelist David Byle has been released from an immigration facility in Istanbul after receiving a deportation order.

    As mentioned in a Middle East Concern prayer request on 11th April, David was arrested and taken to a police station after being summoned to the immigration centre regarding an extension to his residency in Istanbul. The Governor’s office then issued three orders against David: a 30-day observation order keeping him detained at the immigration centre, a deportation order and a re-entry ban.

    When the order to detain David at the immigration centre was examined by a judge on Thursday 14th April, the judge overturned it due to a lack of evidence and David was freed later that night. David’s lawyer is hopeful that the deportation order and re-entry ban will also be overturned through lack of evidence.

    At the immigration centre David had the opportunity to meet many refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan and a new door of ministry has apparently opened up. David asks us to pray that the director of the immigration centre, a committed Muslim, will be willing to allow David and others to provide the refugees with clothes to replace the ragged items they have worn since fleeing to Turkey.

    Please join Middle East Concern in thanking the Lord for David’s release from the immigration centre and pray:
    a. that the deportation order and entry ban will also be overturned
    b. that the director of the immigration centre will allow David and others to bring help to the detainees
    c. that David's lawyer will continue to have wisdom to know how to contest the Governor's orders
    d. that God will overrule the injustice against David and make blessing come out of it

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  • Turkey: US Christian arrested and facing deportation

    Posted on 11th April 2016

    The US Christian David Byle has requested that we pray for his present situation as he is detained in a government facility in Istanbul pending deportation.

    On 6th April David was asked to go to the police immigration centre regarding an application for an extension to his residence permit. He was promptly arrested and taken to a police station in Fatih in Istanbul.

    After two days the Governor's office gave a deportation order on the grounds that David is a threat to public order. David was then taken to a hospital for a health check and detained in the Kumkapi immigration centre. He has also been given a ban forbidding him from entering Turkey and has a month-long observation order, effectively keeping him detained at the immigration centre. David's lawyer today submitted papers challenging these orders.

    Since 2010 David has consistently had problems obtaining residency in Turkey and at one stage in 2014 he was separated from his family for a period of several months after being banned from entering the country, while his wife and children remained in Istanbul.

    Some people surmise that David's arrest and pending deportation could be in response to developing security issues in Turkey. The Ministry of the Interior has recently issued security warnings to congregations and church leaders and it has been noted that terrorists have scouted some churches as potential targets.

    Please pray:
    a. that David will know God's peace at this difficult time and that the deportation order and entry ban will be overturned
    b. that God will help and strengthen David's wife Ulrike and their five children
    c. that David's lawyer will have wisdom to know how to contest the Governor's orders
    d. that embassies in Turkey will also address this treatment of a foreign Christian who has committed no crime, but is being treated as a criminal on account of evangelistic activities
    e. that the present situation in Turkey will become more secure and that terror attacks against churches and Christians will be discovered and prevented

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  • Turkey: State asks churches to take precautions against possible attacks

    Posted on 1st April 2016


    The Association of Turkish Protestant Churches (TeK) has requested prayer in response to warnings from the Turkish Ministry of the Interior about the possible risk of terror attacks and the need to maintain security during church meetings. As far as is known, this is a general precaution rather than in response to specific intelligence.
    The Ministry of the Interior has requested that churches ensure they have functioning CCTV and that police or security personnel are present during meetings. Since two incidents at St Stephanos Catholic Church in Istanbul in summer 2014, the Ministry has appointed police to protect congregations during church services throughout Turkey. However, some churches have chosen to dispense with this protection. Church leaders who wish to forego a police presence are obliged to declare this in writing.The Ministry also recommends that all attendees are searched on entering church.

    TeK is thankful that the Ministry is actively putting precautions in place to prevent terror attacks against the Protestant churches in Turkey. TeK is also advising churches on how best to handle security arrangements and is stressing the need to be alert in prayer.
    Please pray:
    a. thanking the Lord for the concern shown by the Ministry, and that security precautions are being taken by the Turkish state and police
    b. that those with bad intentions towards churches will be stopped as a result of the precautions
    c. that churches will be diligent in taking the advised precautions seriously and caring for those in attendance
    d. that people will not be dissuaded from attending churches because of the police presence
    e. that the state officials attending meetings will develop good relationships with the churches and have the opportunity of hearing the Good News and responding
    f. or the peace and protection of Turkey and the Turkish churches generally


    May be circulated to general mailing lists, outside organisations, and quoted from freely in reports citing "Middle East Concern" as the source of the information.